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All relationships suffer their rough patches. Whether it’s an issue of romance or intimacy, a power struggle of sorts or a question of trust, these problems are shared by many across the world. That said, every relationship is unique, and claims its own unique struggles – this is something that is understood by Francesca & Stan Levine at Relationship Rescue Institute.

The most trusted service for couples counseling, we provide a safe and comfortable environment to help you out of the rut, and free yourselves from the conflict.

We teach Imago Relationship Therapy & Encounter Centered Couples Therapy, offering an array of realistic, practical tools that will help you to re-establish safety and connection, and an opportunity to recover the lasting joy and passion that was once shared. We have the facilities to conduct consultations via Skype both within Australia and overseas.

Our couples counselling service is widely trusted, and has been relied upon by our clients for over thirty years. We help you to restore trust, faith and love in your relationship.


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