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What is IMAGO?

IMAGO is both a theory and the practice of therapy for couples. Just a few of the novel ideas that distinguish IMAGO from other couples therapies are –
  • everything in the relationship, the good & the bad, is co-created;
  • as everything is co-created, there’s no place for blame or criticism;
  • the best way to heal is in the relationship;
  • it offers practical tools that strengthen the relationship;
  • we select our partner using an UNCONSCIOUS template of our primary caretakers & agents of socialization - that is "the IMAGO"

IMAGO has a very POSITIVE approach – it doesn’t focus only on the “issues” – it creates a balance to enable couples to access the GOOD parts of their relationship.

The PRACTICAL TOOLS & TECHNIQUES (such as the Couples Intentional Dialogue) enable you to GET THE LOVE YOU WANT. The wonder is – THE TOOLS REALLY WORK !

IMAGO is a new way of loving

IMAGO Relationship Theory was developed by Dr. Harville Hendrix, whose first book, “Getting The Love You Want”, has been on the best seller lists almost constantly since it was first published in 1988. Oprah Winfrey calls Dr. Hendrix “one of the best couples therapists I know”; he appeared 17 times on her show, & she included him in the “Top 20 Moments” of her show’s 25 year history; she refers to his work as “life changing”. Alanis Morisette, the singer, was so enthusiastic about IMAGO that she actually became an IMAGO Educator. She said – “I am so grateful to IMAGO. There’s comfort to know that I’m not alone & that there are many other couples experiencing similar conflicts. It really allowed me to reframe what love meant.”

Any couple can benefit from IMAGO – whether you have a good relationship that you want to make AWESOME, or you have ongoing issues that you just can’t resolve & the same ones keep coming up over & over.

Francesca & Stan still rocking & rolling after 48 years!


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