Hot Intimacy & Sexual Counselling

Over a period of time in most intimate relationships, the excitement & frequency of sex starts to decline – usually after about 18 months. Most couples think that this is “normal” (whatever that means).

Here’s how we can help you to get the sex you want:

  • We de-mystify sex and teach how it can be fun and exciting, enhancing your relationship without embarrassment.
  • We help you deepen physical, emotional & spiritual connection.
  • We address the 9 primary areas involved in sexuality – passion; intimacy; body image; communication; desire; variety; romance; technique & sensuality.

You CAN recover THE SEX THAT YOU LOST no matter how long you’ve been together. Sex is an integral part of a couple’s physical, emotional & spiritual connection.
The stresses of work, finances, children etc., DO NOT have to be a reason for you to miss out on a satisfying and exciting sex life.

Much of Stan’s work is based on “Hot Monogamy”, that was devised by Pat Love, who is an Imago Therapist from Texas, U.S.A., with her daughter, Kathleen McFadden.

This is about creating (or re-creating) the PASSION that makes relationships thrive. It’s intended to provide you with the information & tools to transform a committed relationship into an intense and passionate experience that WILL LAST. We teach it in private sessions and in small Workshops.

Because the subject is sensitive for many people, we do everything possible to eliminate embarrassment and anxiety. A lot of IMAGO principles are used — there is no room for shame, blame or criticism. No-one is required to speak in front of the group, though any feedback is appreciated and is usually helpful to everyone present. You are identified by only your given name. Physical exercises will be given for the couples to do in the privacy of their own home.

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