Encounter Centred Couples Transformation

How to move from rupture to AWESOME connection.

This work is a “HOW TO” of deeply connecting processes that take couples beyond the “issues” in their relationship, which are most often a result of the lack of connection.

This form of Couples Counselling/Therapy has been developed over recent years by Hedy Schleifer, Co-Director of the Tikkun Learning Center in Washington D.C., U.S.A.

It is based on the idea of the three invisible connectors: the space between, the bridge and the encounter. When people make these three invisible connectors visible in their lives, and embrace them fully, the “miracle” of connection happens.

Couples develop a ‘psychological dance’ which perpetuates the discord between them – usually unconscious. IN EcCT this is called “the Survival Knot”. When a couple stays in the Survival Knot, they are merely learning to adapt to it and cope with life, as a result of fear & emotional isolation.

Our work in this area helps to identify the knot & start to unravel it, leading to LIVING & THRIVING in connection with each other. This happens when you allow your essence to show up, instead of the various protective covers people use.

Francesca and Stan are the only Australians who practise this cutting edge Couples work, which is incredibly effective, powerful & transformational. They incorporate various processes in weekly sessions and, in addition, Stan runs Intensives for couples which have a huge impetus towards creating lasting joyful change.

Please contact us for more information as to the structure and cost of the intensives.

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