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56 Years of Experience

Francesca and Stan have combined their wealth of experience gained professionally and from their 56 years of marriage, with children and grandchildren, to work together to create a very balanced, supportive and safe atmosphere in which couples can explore and radically improve & grow within their relationships, and in which singles who want to be in a satisfying Relationship can learn what is “getting in the way”.

Francesca Levine, founding director of the Australian Institute of Change & the Relationship Rescue Institute, with 2 University degrees, is one of Australia’s most experienced & comprehensively trained psychologists, psychotherapists and life- & success coaches, having conducted over 70,000 private and group therapy sessions over the past 35 years, focused mainly on relationships & emotional issues. She teaches Meditation and Huna (Hawaiian Spiritual System).

Stan Levine has previously spent 24 years as a family lawyer, and subsequently 15 years in business. When Dr. Harville Hendrix has presented his Imago Couples Workshops in Melbourne, Francesca & Stan have assisted him. Stan also helps Francesca to run her Imago Couples Workshops.

Marriage Counselling Melbourne

Qualifications & Training

Francesca Levine:

  • Registered Psychologist;
  • Master Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner;
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming Trainer;
  • Gestalt Therapy;
  • Psychodrama;
  • Psycho-Dynamic Psychotherapy;
  • Hypnotherapy;
  • IMAGO Relationship Therapist;
  • the only IMAGO Couples Workshop Presenter in Victoria;
  • the only Certified IMAGO Advanced Clinician in Victoria.
  • Encounter Centred Couples Practitioner

Stan Levine:

  • the only practising IMAGO Educator in Australia;
  • IMAGO Singles trainer;
  • the only IMAGO Parenting Programme Trainer in Australia;
  • Encounter Centred Couples Practitioner.

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