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“Working on Soul Connection Therapy is like making love!”

Relationship Rescue Institute is run together by Francesca & Stan Levine who are the only Australian couple trained to teach "HOT MONOGAMY" (which deals with the sexual side of relationships); and the only Australians qualified to teach ENCOUNTER CENTERED COUPLES THERAPY, which is a series of very powerful processes that deeply enhance a couple's connection with each other.

Francesca and Stan have combined their wealth of experience gained professionally and from their 54 years of marriage, with children and grandchildren, to work together to create a very balanced, supportive and safe atmosphere in which couples can explore and radically improve & grow within their relationships, and in which singles who want to be in a satisfying Relationship can learn what is "getting in the way”.

Our relationship was at breaking point. We are now learning to better understand each other’s needs & show more empathy. We are learning to stretch ourselves in areas where we need to grow & love & support each other. We would encourage anyone…undergoing relationship problems…to give IMAGO therapy a chance.

Grant & Suzanne

IMAGO has helped us resolve conflict in our relationship and within ourselves….it has helped us to turn what was good in our relationship into something exceptional & to create a level of intimacy, love, faith & inspiration that we had not considered possible. IMAGO …has helped us to understand that [our] issues are providing us with a unique opportunity to grow & heal both personally & together ..& provides us with an opportunity to take our intimacy to an even deeper level.

Mike & Raquel

IMAGO….never go into a relationship without it!….In my eyes, our marriage was pretty well over….I’d tried everything….but still didn’t have the relationship I wanted. Then we attended the IMAGO weekend – wow, what an eye opener….discovering a whole new way to access my partner…and bring back the trust, respect & love. Now…we have the tools to build an even better relationship, better than before.


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